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Highly qualified and experienced team

Crew team is composed of an International group of dedicated aviation professionals, passionate about delivering exceptional training and building a strong culture of knowledge sharing.

We are specialized in both  business and commercial  aviation with a vast experience in the field.

We are aware that everyone’s path is different and strive to create a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive.

The team is driven by the mission to promote safety, professionalism and excellence. Our commitment to helping our students and clients reach their goals and fulfill their needs is the cornerstone of our success.

Highly qualified experienced team
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Worldwide presence & recognized

Crew services are recognized worldwide as meeting the highest quality standards.

We have been chosen by important International companies and o rganizations such as Royal Jordanian, Wizz Air, Estelar Airlines, Plus Ultra, Air Horizont, Saudia, Alliance Jet, Saudi Royal Aviation Airlines and many others to provide them with training, recruitment and management services.

We offer our services in different locations across the world mainly in Europe and Middle East.

Our services are designed to meet the specific business needs of our clients and we work closely with them to design and implement tailored and customized solutions that best meet their objectives.

EASA Approved

Approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency, Crew School International trainings are delivered to the highest standards according to the latest EASA regulation.

We are the only training centre in Spain approved to:

European Union Aviation Safety Agency
Realistic training environment

Realistic Training Environment

We provide a range of facilities to ensure that our students have the best possible learning experience.

The practical training facilities include a full-size aircraft cabin mockup, emergency slides and  firefighting trainers.

Mockups provide realistic practice for the students in responding to emergency scenarios in a controlled environment, while emergency slides provide practice for deploying and evacuating  passengers in the event of an emergency.

Firefighting trainers provide the crew with a variety o f fire extinguishing scenarios, allowing them to practice their firefighting skills prior to using real-world equipment.

Finally, we practice survival drills in the sea as the most realistic environment with the adequate equipment to assure the right and safe conduct of training.

Career Placement

We offer a job placement guarantee to our successful graduate students. Upon completion of the cabin crew school program, our graduates will receive assistance in finding a suitable job.

Our job placement assistance includes job-search guidance, access to our worldwide network of aviation employers and ongoing career counseling support.

Career placement
Networking opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Our school offers networking opportunities with other students and industry professionals.

You wil l be able to make connections, learn more about the industry, attending  professional events, joining online
communities and networking event.

Management Commitment

We are proud to be the top provider of the highest quality aviation training and our commitment is continuing providing the highest quality services to our students and clients and to be trusted leaders in the
aviation industry.

We are dedicated to our students’ success, to excellence in aviation education and to achieving a learning environment that is encouraging, inspiring and motivating.

We strive to provide a learning experience that will prepare our students for a LONG AND SUCCESFUL career in the aviation industry.

Beatriz Juárez | CEO

Engineer, Air Traffic Controller and former Cabin Crew Beatriz brings extensive experience in both, commercial and business aviation.

She has contributed to renowned international airlines such as Royal Jordanian as Cabin Crew, served as an engineer on private planes for the Saudi Royal Family, worked as Air Traffic Controller in Qatar and Spain.

“My commitment is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of training to our students, ensuring excellence at every step. It is my sincere endeavor to maintain our esteemed status as the top aviation training provider, setting a benchmark for quality and proficiency in the industry. Where passion, effort and perseverance converge, success is inevitable”.

Beatriz Juarez CEO

Why trust us?

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Highly experienced team

Highly experienced team



Worldwide presence / Recognized

Worldwide Presence / Recognized

Career placement

Career Placement

EASA Approved

EASA Approved

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities


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Victoria Guerrero

The experience with Crew school has been one of the best in my life. They have been with us from the beginning to the end, making us part of a big family, giving us the best memories and experiences.

They have made us grow professionally and personally.

I would give anything to be able to take the course again. Thank you for everything ????✨✈️

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laura limon martinez

Crew School has been a wonderfull experience wich would repeat a thousand times.

On the first place, I would stand out the great work that the instructors do with us. Bea, Eli, Jose, among others, have been involved at 100% with us during and after the course.

On the second place, my mates. They have been esencials during these six weeks and with them I formed a big family that I take with me forever.

Thank you Crew School for having helping me to find what I am passionate about and train me to dedicate myself to this world.

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María de los Reyes Malvar Guzmán

I can’t thank Crew School enough for everything they have done for us. They have made us grow personally and professionally. From the first day until now, that we have already finished it, they are always helping us whenever we need it. I take with me everything we have learned, all they amazing people I have known and all the moments we have created together. It has definitely been the best experience in my life and I wish I could take the course again.

Thank you, Crew School ????

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Paula Varas

La mejor decisión que pude haber tomado, una experiencia innolvidable. Crew es una escuela que se centra en el crecimiento personal y profesional de cada uno de sus estudiantes, con gran profesionalidad y un gran equipo. Desde el primer momento se preocupan de conocerte y ver si eres un perfil apto para ejercer como TCP. El trato es cercano y te hacen sentir como en casa, se crea una familia. Y luego de terminar se siguen preocupando por uno, y enviando oportunidades laborales.
A pesar de ser un curso intensivo de 6 semanas, uno puede llegar a pensar que no saldrás con todos los conocimientos, pero no es así, se termina el curso sabiendo todo y más porque van ex alumnos y te dan sus puntos de vista y vas aprendiendo más de los que crees.
Mis estudios con Crew han sido una experiencia de 10 que no la cambiaría por nada.

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Here I am after finishing the course, already in a company, with a future full of opportunities and work. I’m still processing everything that happened to me in one month of the course, and I can’t believe that in such a short time I’ve developed so much in this school! I don’t know when I came to have so much knowledge about aviation, about good manners, about everything. I am grateful to this school, to all the instructors who are with each student even after the end of the course. It’s an incredible process and I’m sure I made the best choice with Crew School! ✨✨

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Scarlett C. Augustin

Without a doubt, summarizing what those six weeks have been like for me is an understatement…they have been a few weeks of learning in every sense, both professionally and personally, and I would repeat it again and again. All the teachers who work there reflect a passion for aviation in each and every one of its aspects, a group of truly enthusiastic young people who one day were on our side and with great affection transmit to us not only in the form of knowledge but also personal experiences, the world of aviation. Without a doubt, when you leave you are not the same as when you enter, since you not only gain general knowledge of aviation or cabin crew but also be part of a family as beautiful as Crew School. And above all and most importantly, we cannot be stingy when dreaming and that we can reach as high as we want.

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Natalia Touray

La experiencia en Crew School ha sido excepcional en todos los sentidos, más contenta no he podido estar. Desde el primer día, me queda claro que la ética, la profesionalidad y el respeto son pilares fundamentales de la escuela entre otros.

Los docentes de Crew School se destacan por su dedicación y disposición a ayudar a sus estudiantes en cada paso del camino. Su enfoque profesional y su pasión por la formación son evidentes, lo que hace que aprender sea una experiencia gratificante. Además, su apoyo no se detiene al final del curso; continúan guiándonos y brindando recursos incluso después de la finalización de esta, lo que demuestra su compromiso real con nuestro éxito.

En resumen, Crew School para mi fue mucho más que una academia de formación, ya que me aportó mucho a mi crecimiento personal y profesional. Si buscas una formación de alta calidad en el mundo de la aviación y un apoyo constante para alcanzar tus metas, no busques más, Crew School es la elección perfecta, ¿volamos?.

Me faltan palabras para agradecer a la familia que hemos creado a lo largo de este viaje.
¡ Nos vemos en los aires! ✨????????????

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claudia pola

Crew School has been an amazing experience for me! I’ve learned so much about the world of aviation, and it has become my new passion. The teachers are incredible and their passion for teaching is contagious. The attention they give to each student is outstanding, and I truly feel like part of a small family. I would definitely repeat this experience over and over again. I’m thrilled to have had this opportunity! ????️✨

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Elvira Lechuga

I would define Crew School as a small family. Always willing to help, always providing support and always willing to give their best advice.

Thank you for giving me the wings to fly. ????

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