The Initial Cabin Crew Attestation Training

This training is aimed for candidates with no prior flying experience.

The Initial Cabin Crew Attestation Training approved by Civil Aviation is provided in accordance with the EASA Regulation, which allows our students to work for any commercial airline within a Member State of the European Community.

EASA regulations require that each Cabin Crew Member must undergo initial training and hold a valid Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA) of that training. This is a certificate of professional competency which allows you to perform the Cabin Crew duties onboard.

Initial Cabin Crew Attestation Training
Cabin Crew Role

The Cabin Crew Role

The Cabin Crew job requires a high degree of responsibility and specialization to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers throughout the flight, while.

Necessary Skills

Course entry requirements

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Dates and Locations

Different editions will be held in Spain, Malta and the Middle East during 2024. Join us and explore the intersection of training and global perspectives with us.

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Job Placement Guarantee

Student Admission Application

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Student admission application
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In order to be able to guarantee all our students a job placement in the Aviation industry, prior to offer any spot in any of our courses, the Head of Training will conduct an interview with every candidate to assure they fulfill the requirements the Airlines request for this job.

Our extensive expertise in aviation and recruitment  processes for International Airlines, allows us to successfully determine those profiles suitable for the Cabin Crew position.

If you are interested in any of our trainings, it will be ne
cessary to schedule an interview with our Head of Training. Fill out the following form and our team will
contact you to extend all the necessary information and next steps to be followed.

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