Crew Resource Management Course for recurrent and initial Crew in line with EASA regulatory requirements.

We will work alongside your operator in order to provide a programme that delivers the best learning outcome for your workforce, whilst ensuring we deliver a cost-effective training package that meets your Regulatory requirements.

Our CRM Facilitators have a vast experience in many varied roles withing the aviation industry and have attended to may CRM courses, therefore, we are aware of the training needs of each individual or airline operator.

Our team will describe and demonstrate in detail, best practice when building and designing relevant case studies to maximize learning during CRM modules.

Crew School resource management graph
Crew School resource management graphic

The accident/incident case studies are regularly revised to provide new and up to date learning insight, as well as comparing how the crew would deal with similar situations.

In addition, there will be plenty of opportunity for individual coaching and feedback to help identify  development areas as well as recognizing the positive qualities of the session.

The course includes multiple CRM and Human Factors modules which will give you educational insights into CRM and an opportunity to observe how to deliver in a facilitative style.

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